Self Love: Is loving and thinking about oneself is a selfish act?

Episode 17 Transcript: Self Love: Is loving and thinking about oneself is a selfish act?

Self Love, Loving oneself is not a selfish act. It is a logical act of self-preservation, self-care, and self-love; necessary for healthy relationships with others and one’s own mental health.

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Hello beautiful people. I hope you’re all doing well. Today I’d like to talk about a subject that’s really, really dear to my hearts. And for those who know me when they’re gonna hear the title, they’ll understand. So today I would really like to talk about self love. Yes. You see, I hear a lot of people arguing that loving and thinking about oneself is a selfish act. They feel that putting yourself first means you’re stepping on other people’s toes. And it was suddenly assumed that taking time for oneself meant that that was time away from others.

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So for those of you listening, what do you feel about that? What do you think? Now, personally, this doesn’t resonate with me at all. My perspective is completely different on the subject. So for me, self love is the most altruistic of all acts. Okay, let me explain. So, we have a tendency to forget former states of mind. Okay, so I’m gonna. So I would like to attend something with you. Let’s do it together. Now.

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I would like you to close your eyes for a few minutes. And I would like you to recall a period when you felt exhausted. When you felt overwhelmed, overworked, depressed? Do you recall how things used to be? Can you sense how you were feeling and what you were feeling? Can you remember how you interacted with others? From your closest friends? To those you don’t know? Do you remember how much quality time you were able to spend with your family? What was the level of productivity, your level of productivity? Were you patient? Were you able to forgive to listen to comprehend? So I would assume that the answers to all that work? No, you were not able to do all those things? And so are you able to see how you have nothing to contribute when you’re at your worst? So if you don’t respect yourself, how can you expect others to respect you? If you don’t listen to yourself? How can you listen to others? And if you’re really down? How can you help a friend up? So, you see self love isn’t about prioritizing yourself over others or getting your way? Nor is it about thinking about yourself first.

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It’s really about becoming the best version of yourself so that you’re able to provide the best of yourself for others. And so in order to do that you, you need to be in top physical, mental and emotional shape, or am I mistaken? How can you give advice of something you haven’t been able to do? So, so to me, self love means to know to accept, to forgive, to respect and to cherish yourself, and to act accordingly. Now to know yourself, you really need to recognize and embrace all aspects of yourself, your own light, and your shadow. And only then will you be able to empathize with those of us who are dealing with similar problems.

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When you start embracing your perfect sides, and you’re not to perfect sides, you will not be judging others, like you used to judge yourselves. When you become kind to yourself, you will learn to become more compassionate with others, rather than allowing your critical voice, your critical voice to condemn others. You will be so fulfilled, that the time you devote to those who require assistance will be filled with love understanding and care rather than a burden.

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You know, think of it when you’re very tired and somebody needs you. You’re like, I have to go see that person, because you’re already empty. But when you’re full of energy, and you’ve Got a role, then when you go there already, without seeing anything, what you’ve brought to the table is a higher vibration.

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So basically, I’m recording this podcast to encourage you to take time for yourselves. I would love it if you can learn to set your own boundaries. When you learn to say no, when things don’t feel right to you. It’s really about recognizing how important you are, and how deserving of your time you are, just like others are. Remember, it all begins and all ends with you. So make it worthwhile.

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You know, this is easily set, right? Take time for yourself. But when we are so hard, hardwired into a certain pattern, it’s not that easy to break it, we’re always going to be brought back to old ways of acting old ways of thinking, old ways of reacting, and that is okay.

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The important thing is that you are aware of all your states that you see the states and you accept your happiness as much as your sadness, your anger as much as your forgiveness. Right, it’s about observing yourselves.

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And then when you start observing yourself, you can start creating a bit of distance between you and your emotions, and it’s in that space, that change lies, you will be able to observe, what are your patterns, what patterns have you broken, and which ones are difficult for you, you’ll be able to see what drives you and what triggers you.

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So so to be able to see all this, you need to start training your mind and brain to become aware of you. Because you are equally important as the rest of the world. So when you become more aware of your emotions and how they manifest in you, you become conscious of the discomfort that is created in your body. And then you’ll start recognizing what makes you happy and what does not. And only then when you are aware of what makes you happy and what does not that you can take the steps that suit you in whatever direction but you would have a choice. And the more you do that, the more you train yourself, the more you’ll be able to recognize which thoughts caused which feelings, you’ll be able to notice your automatic actions, you’ll be able to hear your own judgments, you’ll be able to perceive your own critical voice and you’ll be able to see how you projected on others.

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Then what you have done is you have removed from others the weight of your own of your own shadow. Now all that is amazing. You need to observe yourself. That’s fantastic. But the most important thing is how you observe yourselves. It’s how you see your patterns, how you recognize them. You want to recognize them. You want to observe them like the mother you wish you’ve had, you know, like that perfect mother who is always kind, always supportive, always understanding, always empathetic, always forgiving. So you want to be your own perfect mother.

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Only when you become kind to yourself that you can be to others. I hope you needed to hear that. I hope that resonates with you. If you’ve got any questions, if you’ve got any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. We’ll be more than happy to answer. And so that’s all I’ve got for you today. So I’m going to wish you a great day. afternoon, evening wherever you are in the world. Bye bye

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