Powerful Tip on How to Listen to Your Emotions, Pain and Quietly Observe Them to Feel Better.

Episode Transcript: Listen to your emotions + pain and quietly observe them to feel better.

Hello beautiful people. Okay, so today’s podcast is just food for thoughts, something for you to think about, and to see if that information resonates with you, if it speaks to you, and then you can take it further by doing your own research, or by just reaching out.

So today, I wanted to talk about the concept of pain, and negative emotions, and disease, and all those things that are not us in a balanced state. And we’re always working towards removing the pain or ignoring those negative feelings, or wanting to shut them off. It’s like we’re always running away from them. Okay. But how does it? How does that sound? Whenever you’re feeling pain, whenever you’re feeling an emotion and negative emotion, don’t you think that this pain or those emotions arising are here? To give you a message? If we’re talking about physical pain, how can the soul communicate with you with something that can be tangible? So here we talking, that the physical body are sending you messages, that the soul is not doing well, that your essential nature is not doing well. But what does that mean? That your essential nature is not doing? Well. It means that you’re simply not aligned with what you’re meant to do.

In this lifetime, you’re not aligned with the experiences you’ve set yourself to have in this lifetime, instead, you’re doing what you have to do. Because society says that this a success or your parents say that this is what’s good, or this is what’s bad. And so at the end, you no longer listen to what feels right for you. And so when this happens, well you need to be notified? You need to be notified that you’ve slept.

And so what happens when we don’t listen? So imagine that you’re in your room listening to music, and your mom is, is calling you because dinner’s ready. And she calls and she calls and she calls and suddenly she comes in, opens the door with rage and just screams your name.

And your also pride and like, you don’t need to scream. But then she’s been calling you for so long, you just didn’t hear her? Well, it’s the same with pain. When, when pain comes, it starts knocking slightly, when we’re too busy, with all those stories that are happening in our mind, and all the things that we have to do, because we’re such busy beings that we don’t hear the first knock can we don’t hear the second Knock, and we don’t hear the third knock. And so the message needs to be loud and clear. And the slap that you receive is loud and clear.

Does that make sense? Okay, so it’s the same with the motion. When when you start getting a funny feeling insides it’s like we always want to sit and get rid of that feeling. What about talking to it? What about asking it, what message it has got for you. So maybe anger is repressing something that you would like to do you see others doing and you get angry? Because unconsciously you don’t know that you want to do the same thing. Jealousy for example. Jealousy is a beautiful feeling.

Actually, it’s just here to remind you of what you actually want. And to show you how far from it you are. Sadness, sadness shows that there is something inside of you that you haven’t listened to, that you haven’t given attention or affection to. And so whenever those emotions arise, they’re telling you that there is a little kid inside of you that needs some attention that needs some help. And so if we learn to listen, then those emotions will, they will not necessarily disappear, but they will tranquilize themselves.

And the more you start listening To the message behind them and the more you start addressing that message behind them, the less and less those emotions will appear. The more you don’t listen to them, the more those emotions will appear through manifested situations that you create for yourselves until you start listening. So today I, what I’m what I am proposing is just to have a different outlook on things.

Try to look at yourself, like the mother you would have liked to have. So whenever you’re feeling anything, and my motto is, observe, don’t judge. But whenever you’re observing something, observe it with love. Observe it with caring eyes, observe it with the desire of wanting to help. And so when you do that, the tone of voice you talk to yourself with will change.

The words that you use towards yourselves will change. And little by little, you will learn to listen and understand better. Okay, so that’s all I’ve got for you today. It was something I thought of and I wanted to share it with you. And maybe change your perception on how you see things. Please, if you’ve got any questions, do not hesitate to call me or send me a message. Well, to be honest, if you call I barely answer, but I do call back. I hope you like this. If you would like me to talk about a certain topic.

Of course, if I know of it, send me messages. Maybe I can prepare something for you. And until then, I wish you a beautiful day, evening. Afternoon, wherever you are. Bye Bye

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